Offices & Nursery, Bordeaux

This mixed programme closes the eastern front of a block inspired by the traditionnal Bastide, a typical, orthogonal group of buildings of different heights around a large square hosting a market or important public events. Our Bastide is conceived as a coherent whole which nevertheless allows the richness of the programme, the rhythms of the facades and the entrance signals singling out each building. The heart is inhabited by a large central which is enlivened by the outgrowths (atypical housing to the west, micro-crèche to the east). The western part of the block is composed of housing by Leibar & Seigneurin and King Kong architects. At the base level, the coherence between the housing and the tertiary programme (offices or higher education school) is obtained by creating a double height of the base and setting back the corresponding facades of the ground- and first floor. Located at the corner of the block, the office building reverses the general principle. The visible load-bearing facade is animated by the noble concrete modelling, the projecting cornices and a slight recess in the window frames. The roofs of the emergences are sloped and made of zinc, those of the lower volumes in the form of accessible or planted terraces.
The flexible design allows for a 100% school, 100% office programme or a combination based on vertical and horizontal division. Access to the 6,000 m² building is via three different halls.

Lot DFAU2C, ZAC Garonne Eiffel, Bordeaux
Offices, nursery
Demathieu Bard Immobilier
Hardel Le Bihan (Sibylle Darde and Baptiste Egéa project leaders), Kaplan (landscape design), Projetx (services), Math Ingénierie (structure), Diagobat (sustainability), Emacoustic (acoustique)
Surface area
5 900 m²
9,8 M€
Start of works spring 2023
Tinted and precast concrete, wood
BREEAM Very good
Architectural team
Project manager(s)
Sibylle Darde, Baptiste Egea
Théophile Noyer
Bordeaux In progress Mixed use Office

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