Nouvelle direction technique

Propos recueillis par Clémence Mathieu

In 2016, Hardel Le Bihan set up MOX, an outfit fulfilling the role of site architect, composed of architects, engineers and people with both qualifications. Three years later, the practice has take on a technical director, a specialist in envelope and facades. Although a transversal approach between architecture and engineering may be de rigueur elsewhere, it remains unusual in France, in particular within medium-sized practices. Interview with Leonardo Gambatesa, few months into the job.



Interview by Lionel Blaisse

Ten years after founding their architectural practice, Mathurin Hardel and Cyrille Le Bihan decided to set up the consultancy MOX with Uriel Ruleta. Since 2016, this independent company – specialised in site management and architectural site coordination – carries out the role of executive architect and validation of the architectural conformity of construction drawings and works for all Hardel Le Bihan projects. Mathurin Hardel and Uriel Ruleta share the experience of their new organisation.


Le Bihan ×
Alun Be

Photo : Ethos, Edification Series © Alun Be
Interview by Clémence Mathieu

Hardel Le Bihan Architectes were commissioned for the students lodging of the new Campus Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, working in partnership with artist and young architect Alun Be. Interview on site, in February 2018.


New Year, New Office

Pictures by Raphaël Dautigny

September 2017 : new office rue de Paradis in Paris. Renovated by the studio (Jonathan Leroy & Fanny Von Marx, project leaders), with a natural light open-space, the "atelier maquettes", the "matériauthèque", several meeting rooms and a modular design kitchen to welcome all collaborators but also workshops.