Yennenga town Burkina Faso

Yennenga was a Burkinabe princess. She gave her name to the new town to be built 15km outside Ouagadougou. An international competition awarded the project to our team, composed of one Burkinabe practice and five French practices of architects, urban planners and landscape architects.
Together, we have designed the town centre and its development around a central boulevard, some 750,000 m² built over 110 hectares, including numerous parks. Within an imposing climatic and demographic context, it was the land that decided the project, which fans out from a planted ribbon that displays the local flora and topography.
On the vast plain swept by the Sahelian climate, the north side of the town will rise up to provide protection from the dry, dusty Harmattan wind. To the south, its arrangement is more fractured, welcoming in the soft, damp monsoon winds.
Understanding the winds, harnessing solar power, capturing rainwater with dew traps and using of local, sustainable materials all aim to make Yennenga an energy-sufficient town.

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
town of 80,000 inhabitants (offices, housing, hotels, parks, facilities)
Architecture Studio, Arcade, Beckmann n’Thépé, Coldefy, Hardel Le Bihan (associated architects), Philippe Niez Studio (landscape architect)
Surface area
110 hectares, 750,000 m² GFA
currently in design phase. Winning project of international competition, March 2017
2017 Africa Burkina Faso Hotel Housing Mixed use Office Urbanism

Sport facilities and housing, Paris

2017 Housing Low carbon Mixed use Paris Social housing Sport Students Timber construction

Eden Monceau office, Paris

2015 Office Paris Prefabrication Renovation

Timber-frame city block, Lyon Confluence

2019 Housing Low carbon Lyon Mixed use Office Social housing Timber construction Tower

Student housing, University of Dakar

2016 Africa Brick Campus Dakar Natural ventilation Senegal Students