Renovation, Boulogne

The building formerly occupied by Renault's head office is being transformed to set a benchmark in terms of energy efficiency, optimization of surface potential, operation and use within the framework of a rehabilitation project. The shape of the building interrupts the imposing "urban façade", opening up the block to the quay on one side, and to Rue de Sèvres on the other. The project takes full advantage of its potential, in particular by enhancing the relationship with the Seine. The new façade, insulated from the outside, reveals the structure through prefabricated, tinted concrete modénatures. The second level of the façade is made of wood. The reduction in the number of parking spaces means that a sports facility can be built in the basement, and existing office space can be valorized in the form of spaces with plenty of natural light thanks to the creation of patios. The occasional gain in superstructure surface area makes it possible to integrate a retail outlet and residential units. The creation of long balconies enriches the range of outdoor spaces. With landscape architects Bassinet Turquin, we will also take advantage of the open ground in the non aedificandi zone to plant trees and enhance the new garden that characterizes the entrance to the building.

13-15, Quai Le Gallo, Boulogne
Offices, 12 housing units, sport facility, shops
Hardel Le Bihan Architectes, Bassinet Turquin (paysage), EVP (structure), EGIS (fluides, ascenseurs, VRD), ELIOTH (ingénierie environnementale, réemploi, façades), AE75 (économie), AVEL (acoustique), Convergence (cuisiniste), CSD (préventionniste), Ginger Burgeap (géothermie)
Surface area
23 600m² (bureaux 17 600 m², ERP 3 000 m², logements 1 000 m², salle de sport 1 700 m², commerce 300 m²)
Competition january 2022. In progress
existing concrete structure, timber (joinery, cladding, terrace decking)
E+C- équivalent E3, BBCA
Architectural team
Project manager(s)
Marcello Orlandini
Margaux Dervaux, Alberto Rossetti, Thomas Jutteau (études), Charlotte Couderc (concours)
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